Brussel Sprouts by Angela

Inspired by the 60 Sec. Brussel Sprouts video/recipe posted under ‘Wish List for 9-15-10’ recipes section, I created this dish:

What did I do? It was simple really…
1. chopped a small onion
2. chopped half a pound of mushrooms
3. chopped half a pound of brussel sprouts according to recommendations on the video
4. crushed two garlic cloves
5. sauteed onions, mushrooms and garlic in 1 tbsp of oil until tender
6. added brussel sprouts to mix and cooked in a stir-fry fashion until the leaves were vibrant green
7. served with a little extra skip in my step and a smile on my face
Results: All thumbs up! 🙂

Let us know how you enjoy your brussel sprouts.


One response to “Brussel Sprouts by Angela

  1. I made your dish tonigh and served it with rice and it was a BIG hit with everyone…Gracie had 3rds! thanks for sharing your tips with us=)

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