New Pick Up Location – Alachua/High Springs!

I’m thrilled to announce we will be adding our 6th Gainesville Area pick up location later this month, in Alachua! Spread the word to your friends. More locations means more convenience for our members.

The Alachua/High Springs pick up location will start on Oct. 27th.

Please remember to write your pick up info in the MEMO section of your check. Here are some examples:

Full / 10-13 / Haile
Half and Fruit / 10-13 / Vineyard (V)
Low Gly / 10-13 / Alachua (A)
Full and Fruit / 10-13 / TC (Turkey Creek)
Half / 10-13 / Jonesville (J)
Fruit / 10-13 / Mentone (M)

The combinations are endless, and of course the short hand can be fun. As long as I can figure out what share you want, when you want it and where you want to pick up, we’re all set. LOL. I’m so excited that we have so many pick up locations for our group. Thanks to all for helping.


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