Pumpkin Chocolate Cake – OH MY!

Photo Borrowed from http://www.CountryLiving.com

Today I had the most delicious treat… a mouth-watering bite of Pumpkin Chocolate Cake from our very own, Hope Kawaja! She even made an orange flavored cream cheese frosting for the two cakes. In true Gator theme, one was orange and one was blue! And YES, she used the pumpkin puree of the Seminole Pumpkin from our 9/29/10 share. There truly are countless ways to turn our gourds into masterpieces that all will enjoy. I do have to say, this WAS the BEST chocolate cake I’ve ever had!

Various recipes for Pumpkin Chocolate Cake:
by WholeFoods
by All Recipes
by Country Living
by Global Gourmet
by CDKitchens

One response to “Pumpkin Chocolate Cake – OH MY!

  1. I LOVE the combo of pumpkin and chocolate! If you’ve never had pumpkin bread w/ chocolate chips, you’re missing out!!!

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