Oven Baked Home Fries

You got it… another KID FRIENDLY FAVORITE. 😉 Kids love fries, but we can’t give them the healthier version unless we make them ourselves. If making oven baked home fries is new to you, keep reading. They are simple to make and are much better for your heart (if you use a canola or olive oil) then the fast food version. AND, if you’re using the potatoes from your box… THEY’RE ORGANIC! 🙂

You’ll Need:
Potatoes of Choice (Yukon, Russet, and Sweet Potatoes work well)
Oil of Choice
Salt (optional)
Ketchup or other condiments

Wash your potatoes with running water to remove soil. Cut away blemishes. Cut your potatoes in slices or wedges as desired. (Try to keep them even in size so they will cook uniformly.) Lightly coat a baking tray or oven safe dish with oil. Place cut potatoes in a large mixing bowl with half a cup of oil and mix until potato slices are coated. Add more oil to the bowl if needed. Place potato slices on tray/dish in a single layer. Bake at 380-425 until bottom of fries are golden brown, then turn them. Continue to bake until the 2nd side is brown. (The cooking time on each side depends upon the size of the fry. It would be safe to check your fries after 15 minutes on each side to see how they are doing.) Place fries on several sheets of paper towel or a dish towel to remove excess oil. Salt if desired and serve!


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