Beware the Poblano!!

I could have sworn that poblano peppers were supposed to be mild.  I’ve eaten chile rellenos before, the dish where poblano peppers are stuffed with gooey cheese and rice, and the fact that I have actually eaten it makes it mild by definition.  I do not eat things that I know to be spicy.

Herein lies the problem – I didn’t know that poblano peppers vary in heat.   In fact, peppers from the same plant can vary from mild to extremely hot, an interesting fact I wish I had known before I had taken a big bite out of one to make sure that it was mild.  It was hot for me, but I thought I was just being a wimp, so I served it to my husband who loves hot food.  Turns out – the pepper really was quite hot because I saw him down a glass of milk with tears running down his cheeks.

Later, after everything cooled down (so to speak), I gave Livy a pacifier that I had washed by hand.  She promptly told me it was stinging her tongue.  After she  settled down, I washed my hands again and rubbed my face in exhaustion – I had just spent over an hour in the kitchen.  My eyes started to burn and water.  I washed my hands again! I am now on my way to take a shower just in case.  I just thought I should warn you first:  SOME POBLANOS ARE HOT!

Just in case.  Enjoy!

* Photo borrowed from here


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