What’s in the 12/8/10 Box?

This week’s box is once again focused on Florida crops. Enjoy the goodness.

Full and Half Shares (a mix of the following)

Spinach or Green Leaf Lettuce
Florida Bi-Color Corn
Cucumbers (Mexico)
Florida Eggplant (full only)
Florida Daikon (full only)
Florida Kale or Florida Turnips
Florida Mini Sweet Peppers  sold out, sorry
Red Potatoes
Florida Beets with Tops
Florida Cilantro
Florida Avocados
Florida Cherry Tomatoes
Golden Delicious Apples
Florida Tangerines – Sunbursts
Bananas (Ecuador)
Full Shares received 2 extra items, Half Shares received 1 extra item!!

Low Glycemic Shares (a mix of the following):

Florida Zucchini
Cucumbers (Mexico)
Florida Eggplant
Florida Kale
Green Leaf Lettuce
Red Bell Peppers
Florida Avocados
Blackberries or Golden Delicious Apples (member preference)

Fruit Shares (a mix of the following):

Florida Strawberries  sold out, sorry
Fair Trade Pineapple (Costa Rica)
Bananas (Ecuador)
Florida Hamlin Oranges
Golden Delicious Apples


$15 Fruit Share

$25 Low Glycemic Share

$25 Half Share

$40 Full Share


Recipes are posted on the top, right side of the page. You may also search by ingredient, via our website.


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