Beet Chips and Stir-Fry Rainbow Chard with Rice

We enjoyed a colorful dinner tonight. In fact, we enjoyed it so quickly that I missed my photo opportunity. 🙂 (Here’s a day 2 attempt to recapture the goodness, minus the beet chips… ’cause they are GONE. lol)

Beet Chips

Coat a baking sheet with non-stick spray. Slice peeled raw beets into thin slices and place on baking sheet. Spray non-stick spray or oil on the top of beet slices. Sprinkle garlic powder or salt on top. Roast in oven at 385F until slightly chewy and crispy. Pat chips dry with paper towel and serve.

Stir-Fry Rainbow Chard with Rice

In a large skillet, combine (thin) sliced sweet or red onion, chopped rainbow chard and cooking oil of choice. Stir-fry for 5 minutes. Add 2 cups steamed brown rice. Stir on medium-high heat for 5 minutes and serve. Add salt if desired. (Chard should be bright green and the rainbow stems should be vibrant.)


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