Homemade Pasta – Day 1: Spaghetti and Cheesy Garlic Bread

My 2011 goal is to master pasta making. I’ve always enjoyed fresh pasta and have had a strong desire to start making homemade pasta for a few years. Thanks to a wonderful gift this Christmas, I now have what I need to get started. 🙂

Going into this I realized there is an art to making pasta dough. If it’s too dry or too moist, problems will surface. So, I decided to do a bit of reading before getting started. I was gifted a copy of The Pasta Bible, so began with a 40 minute quick read. Finally I read the suggested instructions, recipes and how-to portion for my Kitchen Aid Pasta Press. The manual strongly suggested new users begin with an All-Purpose Flour and Egg dough, so that’s what I did.

1. I made the pasta dough, then the pasta. (It was very dry which caused problems… but I was persistant since it was my first attempt with making the dough and using the press.)
2. I made the sauce (see recipe below).
3. I made fresh garlic bread using day old homemade Multigrain Bread.
4. I tossed the fresh spaghetti with olive oil and fresh chopped parsley.
5. Served with delight.

Basic Egg Noodle Pasta Dough Recipe
You’ll Need:
4 large Eggs
3.5 cups sifted All-Purpose Flour
1 TBSP Water
1 TSP Salt

Follow instructions provided by Kitchen Aid, page 12.

Sauce Recipe
You’ll Need:
1 bag Baby Spinach
1 medium size Yellow Onion
1 large Garlic Clove
4 Roma Tomatoes, chopped
1 large Sweet Red Bell Pepper, chopped
0.5 jar of Marinara Sauce
Olive Oil

Saute onions, garlic and pepper in oil. Add spinach and tomatoes and cook on medium-low heat. Add Marinara and bring to a low simmer for 3-5 minutes.

Homemade Cheesy Garlic Bread
You’ll Need:
1 loaf of day old Multigrain Bread.
Olive Oil, Extra Virgin 1st Cold Press
Garlic Powder*
Fresh Parsley, chopped
< 1 cup Mozzerella

Slice bread and place it on a baking sheet. Add 1 TSP live oil to each slice, spreading it evening on each slice. Add garlic power (or alternative; see below) and mozzerella. Spring fresh parsley on top and bake at 350F until cheese has melted. Serve.

*Alternative to Garlic Powder: Saute fresh crushed garlic in olive oil until it garlic starts to brown. Add 1 TSP of oil/garlic to each slice of bread.

Results: The family liked it… a lot! I, however, was not hooked. I spent an hour last night watching online tutorials and read/listened to chefs discuss pros and cons of various pasta dough recipes. The need to scratch the All-Purpose Flour and Egg dough is necessary (in my opinion), and it’s time to jump into a Semolina dough. That will be discussed in Homemade Pasta – Day 2!


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