Homemade Pasta – Day 2: Rigatoni

Day 2… new dough recipe and an attitude of pure hope. I was pretty sure I could make a great dough today, and I was right. Now, would that make the Pasta Press process flawless? I sure hoped so… and it DID!

Part I – Make the Dough.
After reading a lot of reviews for my pasta press, I decided to use Bob’s Red Mill Basic Pasta Recipe. It worked flawlessly!!!

Part II – Making Rigatoni

This part of the process worked beautifully. My ‘self-feeding’ pasta press was actually SELF-FEEDING! That means the dough was perfect. Yippee. Here are some pictures of the process for visuals. (And the kids enjoyed helping me cut the noodles. 🙂

Part III –  Cooking the Pasta
After the pasta has been extruded, you can immediately cook it. The huge benefit of fresh pasta (other then taste and consistency) is the cooking time (just 2-3 minutes)! When the pasta reaches the al dente stage, drain the water and toss it with half a jar of marinara sauce.

Part IV – Prepare the Veggies. (I actually did this step while the pasta dough was resting, but you can prepare it when you’re ready.)
You’ll Need:
4 Roma Tomatoes, sliced
Half of a bunch of fresh Basil, chopped
1/3 Red Onion, chopped
2 large Garlic Cloves, crushed
Olive Oil

Layer the ingredients in a casserole dish (Oil, Garlic, Tomatoes, Half Onions, Basil, Half Onions and more Oil) and bake at 380F for 15-20 minutes.

Part V – And finally… the DISH. Simply toss the herbs and vegetables with the pasta and you’ll get this:

The results… pure delight. My pasta press extrudes a very thick noodle which takes a little getting used to, but it all worked flawlessly and the family RAVED about dinner. No unneccesary ‘added’ ingredients. Just all natural, fresh pasta. From start to finish, I only spent 45 minutes preparing dinner! That’s fantastic. (Clean up, however, is another story. LOL.)



One response to “Homemade Pasta – Day 2: Rigatoni

  1. Angela, this looks AMAZING!! I am so hungry when I read your posts! Great job on the pasta!

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