Chocolate Mint Ganache Cake

I’ve been meaning to share this pure delight with the group for a month now, but just haven’t had a spare moment to make that happen. Today’s your lucky day. 🙂 And… you can use the fresh mint in today’s box to create your own 2 step fresh mint extract for the ganache.

To make this cake, I combined recipes posted by Our Best Bites and replaced the mint extract with my own fresh mint extract. Here are those posts: Chocolate Mousse Crunch Cake, Chocolate Ganache, and Peppermint Fudge Cupcake Jars.

You’ll Need:
1 package Devil’s Food Cake or a homemade recipe (enough to make two 8-inch cakes)
1 TSP Gelatin, unflavored
1 TBSP Water, cold
2 TBSP Water, boiling 
0.5 cup Sugar
0.25 cup Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
1 cup Whipping Cream
1 TSP Vanilla
2-4 TBSP Fresh Mint Extract (depending on preference)
8 oz. Semi-Sweet or Dark Chocolate
8 oz. Heavy Cream
What you need to do:
1. Bake the cakes according to the directions on the box or via your favorite Devil’s Food Cake recipe. (Note, you will need two 8-inch cakes.)
2. Prepare the Mint Extract.
3. Prepare the ganache following Our Best BitesChocolate Ganache recipe, adding desired amount of Fresh Mint Extract. (I added 2 TBSP and sampled the mixture, then added another 2 TBSP. It’s a matter of preference. Of course you could use store purchased extract and follow the measurements suggested by Our Best BitesPeppermint Fudget Cupcake Jars recipe.)
4. Prepare the chocolate mousse according to Our Best BitesChocolate Mousse Crunch Cake.
5. Level the cakes after they have cooled using a cake leveler (available at Michael’s Crafts for $4) and place one cake on your cake platter. Add the chocolate mousse on top of the first cake. (If you have extra mousse don’t fret, it’s incredible with strawberries!) Then add the 2nd cake. Last, add the slightly cooled mint ganache. If you’re REALLY into chocolate, you might add 2 layers of ganache. 😉
Now you’re ready to serve.
*Note, remember, because this has fresh whipped cream, you will need to keep it refrigerated or enjoy within a couple of hours after making it.

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