Make Your Own Mint Extract

Making your own mint extract for the purpose of using in sauces or teas is very quick and easy. Here are your two steps:

1. Place clean/washed chopped mint leaves in 2 cups of boiling (or almost boiling) water. Allow to steep for 10 minutes or longer.
2. Filter the mixture through a collander or other similar kitchen tool to separate the leaves from the extract.

You now have a fresh mint extract. 🙂 In the past, I have poured the extract in ice trays and placed it in the freezer. After my mint extract cubes were solid, I placed them in a freezer bag and stored for future use. When I need them, I simple remove the number of cubes desired and allow them to thaw in a bowl or on a small plate.


3 responses to “Make Your Own Mint Extract

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  2. can you give an approx amount of mint leaves to add to the water?

  3. a small hand-full should be good

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