Ideas for Cherry and Grape Tomatoes

Here are some ideas for using your cherry or grape tomatoes.
  • Snack on them raw, put them in interesting salads, or stuff them for a tasty appetizer (Cherry Tomatoes filled with Creamy Pesto Cheese)
  • Dry or slow roast them in the oven.  They freeze well for later use in pasta and other dishes.  The concentrated tomato flavor makes a great appetizer when paired with goat cheese and toasted baguettes or crackers.
  • Puree them using a food processor or blender – you won’t even notice if you leave the skins on.   Freeze the puree in an appropriate size container.
  • Make cherry tomato jam for use on toasts and crackers.  If you have a great deal of jam, can it for future use as suggested in the recipe link.
  • The Kitchn has a list of other ideas if you are still stuck.

Photo by me of my HomeGrown Organics grape tomatoes.


2 responses to “Ideas for Cherry and Grape Tomatoes

  1. We like to make salsa out of them as they are especially more tasty that way than larger tomatoes and they are so easy to drop in the food processor with some garlic, parsley, onions, maybe green peppers, etc. But just looking at your photo of them made me drool and want to go fetch one out of the fridge.

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