Making Soup Fun… and kid-friendly

Have you ever considered taking a basic veggie soup and adding alphabet letters and numbers as a conversation starter with your kids? We find it fun to play table games, spelling words or creating large numbers while sharing dinner together. And what’s even better, the kids love to gobble it up. Tonight hubby even joked with our kids, saying, “It’s too bad we don’t have a dog named Martha, huh?” Anyone with young kids that watch PBS can relate. 🙂

In this soup (No particular measure, just cut small and tossed in):
Chicken broth
Beet Greens (Added at the very end to wilt into the soup)
Alphabet Letters and Numbers

Just a note, the beet greens are very mild and have no flavor of their own. They actually took on the flavor of the broth. If you’re generally shy with greens, this is a great soup to try. You may be pleasantly surprised.


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