Massaged Kale Salad

Members have been raving about this dream-kale-dish “Massaged Kale Salad” for several weeks now… I finally received the ‘shared’ recipe and am posting it for you to enjoy this week. (I intentionally bought kale and lemon for our boxes JUST for this post… so go try it and enjoy.)

Feel free to get creative with it. You can add fresh or dried fruit to the salad as well as nuts. In the version presented (in pix) I used kiwi, blackberries and strawberries in place of mango and nuts.



One response to “Massaged Kale Salad

  1. Yay!!! Finally a group recipe for the massaged Kale salad! I have been raving about it for weeks, especially since my kids LOVE it! I just wanted to share that we have added toasted sesame seeds (you can pan “toast” them for a few minutes, if you buy the little raw bags of sesame seeds in the specialty isle in the Mexican food section, they are the Badia spices, I believe, very inexpensive) instead of pumpkin seeds and we use the mango almost always! SOOOOO good! Also, we are more generous with the lemon than the olive oil..and we add more honey to the dressing than is called for…it just tastes so good! ALSO, we have tried this with diced strawberries and with diced kiwi instead of mango and they were both really great! I adore this salad! Thanks for sharing Angela!

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