Gourmet Mushrooms

I was a little intimidated by the gourmet mushrooms we’ve received in our boxes the past few weeks. Once I opened the package though, I couldn’t wait to use them. They smell rich and earthy, much more aromatic than a typical mushroom.

The mushroom grower’s company website, Hokto-Kinoko, offers several recipes using any of the four varieties you may have received.

The Mushroom Basket is also a good site for exotic and wild mushroom recipes.

Maitake Mushroom Pesto
Rice with Bunashimeji Mushrooms and Chicken

You can try them in any recipe that calls for mushrooms too, like risotto, stir-fry, on pizza, or even mushroom gravy.

Let me know what you make!


One response to “Gourmet Mushrooms

  1. I tried the Maitake Mushroom Pesto – it was delicious! Thanks for suggesting this site for our mushrooms.

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