Health Benefits of Cooking with Cast-Iron Skillets

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You may have noticed several of my recipes include suggestions to prepare dishes in a cast-iron skillet. From time to time I’ve captured food prep with my skillets. Why am I so passionate about using cast-iron? Well, if you guessed it is for health reasons, you are right on target. Not only does cooking in a cast-iron skillet naturally add iron to your food, if the skillet is properly cared for, less cooking oil is needed when cooking. You can use them on the stovetop as well as place them in the oven for baking. Though they are heavy, we use them daily for nearly every dish we make.

Consider reading more about the benefits of cooking with cast-iron in Kerri-Ann Jennings, M.S., R.D. article, 3 Health Reasons to Cook with Cast-Iron. Here’s to your health!



One response to “Health Benefits of Cooking with Cast-Iron Skillets

  1. Hello,
    Great Blog! For my money that I have found my favored addition to my cooking repertoire is to use iron cast cookware. To enjoy your cooking skills, you absolutely need cool iron cast cookware.

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