Angela’s Guacamole (Addiction)

I have to admit, for nearly 2 years I’ve been giving most of my avocados away simply because I wasn’t a fan just yet. Yes, I knew about their health benefits and how necessary they were in my diet, I just hadn’t fallen in love with them yet … and for some reason the thought of a slimy green fruit kept me away. BUT, last summer I decided I had to find a way to adjust my senses and mental block. Now, I’m making a dish of fresh guacamole 2-4 times a week… and eating the entire dish! In fact, today my husband asked what the lime was used for (already knowing the answer). I had to admit I failed (again) to save him some. LOL. It is safe to say I have overcome my avoidance of avocados and am now facing a healthy addiction!

Here’s my recipe:

1 Avocado, diced
1 Roma Tomato, diced
2-3 thin slices of Red Onion, diced
0.5 Lime
2-3 slices of Red/Yellow/Orange Bell Pepper, diced
1 TBSP fresh Cilantro, chopped
dash of Salt
dash of Pepper

Combine all ingredients (except lime) in a bowl and mix. Squeeze lime over the mixture and continue to stir a few times. Serve.


4 responses to “Angela’s Guacamole (Addiction)

  1. Angela, now that you are a fan of avocado, you may want to try the apple-avocado salad…easy and addicting if you like sweet/savory. Just dice up into cubes apples and avocados, about 2 to 1 ratio or more of apple to avo, then drizzle lightly (you can do more, but I think just a tad is fine) with olive oil. Toss vigorously in a bowl, you REALLY want to incorporate the avo, almost making it a dressing consistency. I usually do half the avo first, making it into a fine mush and really coating the apple chunks, then tossing in some more chunkier avo. Add a bit of sea salt if you prefer..that’s it! If you have the hankering, a little fresh lemon juice gives a bite. My kids love this stuff!

  2. by the way, we usually use Granny Smith or another green apple and peel the skin!

  3. I think it’s so funny how we all have a veggie that just doesn’t appeal for a long long time & then we try it a new way or just get over the mental block & we love it! Mine is/ was celery. Now my fave snack is celery w peanut butter. So crazy!

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