Create Your Own Natural Food Coloring

I can still remember those early days of college when my Advisor was trying to catch the attention of wanna-be graduate students, using the classic trick of extracting natural food pigments and then adjusting their pH to make them change colors. Little did they know, this wasn’t rocket science, nor was it graduate level material. BUT, it caught their attention and opened the door for him to discuss the health benefits of foods containing these natural pigments.

As we shift into spring and begin to think about egg coloring or those numerous birthday cake/cupcake making parties in our future, why not take a moment to look into the use of natural food coloring.

With a quick search online, one can find numerous posts that describe how to create your own colors. My two favorite posts are found at Mommy Nuggets and Itsy Bitsy Foodies. Just think, this could be YOUR personal science experiment with the kids. Simply follow either of these two blog posts to create your own dyes. Then, place 1 TBSP of color in a small bowl or glass with 2-3 TBSP water. Have your children add a few drops of vinegar/lemon juice or milk/baking powder. They can record their predictions and results on a piece of paper. For sure, they will think you’re the coolest mom-scientist ever!


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