What’s Planned for the 6/11/15 Share?

Prepayments for 6/11/15 are due by Monday, June 8th at 3p. All payments are to be made to Lisa Louw this week. No online payments will be processed. Email us at homegrowngainesville@gmail.com if you have questions regarding payment. All shares must be picked up from the SW pick up location on Thursday evening unless arrangements are made for a Friday pick up.


  • FL Kale
  • FL Bell and Jalapeno Peppers
  • FL Cucumbers
  • FL Roma Tomatoes
  • FL Mixed Cherry Tomatoes
  • FL Eggplant
  • FL Peaches
  • FL Galia Melon
  • FL Cantaloupe
  • FL Watermelon
  • FL Blueberries

Please note, the Wish List is created to give members a rough idea of what we hope to have in the next box. Our actual order is based on availability, order size and current prices. We do our best to order as many items from our Wish List as possible.


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