Perfect Post Workout Breakfast

This tried and true fruit smoothie will re-hydrate, replenish, and rejuvenate your weary body following those morning workouts, long runs, and investments in the gym. No protein powder needed!

You’ll Need:
Food processor or strong blender (I use a Ninja Blender.)
5 ripe (spotted) Bananas
1/4 fresh, ripe Pineapple
4+ cups frozen Strawberries
Juice of 1 fresh Orange
Powder of 1 Probiotic capsule
1 serving of liquid Zinc

Add bananas, pineapple, and juice to the blender and puree. Add frozen strawberries and puree. (You may need to do this in stages, pushing the chunks of strawberries down to the bottom between 1 minute blending cycles.) Add probiotic and blend. Finally, add zinc and finish blending.

Serves: 1

Note: This is approved for the Whole-Food Plant-Based, Fruitarian, and 80-10-10 Diets, commonly used to heal/reverse auto immune diseases. The 80-10-10 Diet was designed for Olympic Triathletes.


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