Daily Detox Tea

Detox teas are commonly used to help with digestion, to relieve headaches, and as laxatives. But some have a running history of helping fight disease. I recently learned about one such tea while studying natural methods for fighting cancer in The Truth About Cancer Docuseries. With a little bit of digging, I realized there are several wonderful stories about the Essiac Tea including many powerful testimonials.

Renee Caisse, a Canadian nurse, first learned about Essiac Tea in 1922 through a patient she was treating. This English woman claimed to have been diagnosed with breast cancer in 1890s and chose to seek natural treatment. That’s when she met an Indian Medicine Man who taught her how to make a specific herbal tea that was known to cure cancer. Long story short, Caisse began using this tea with her aunt and other patients over the years with great success. You can read more about Caisse at HealthFreedom and  EssiacFacts.

On a personal detox journey myself, I decided to add Essiac Tea to my lifestyle. To buy it commercially is quite expensive, so I looked into other options. I quickly discovered all of the ingredients are readily available through Herbco.com and the process of making it is quite simple. The Truth About Cancer has the recipe posted too, alleviating guesswork in creating my own.

Taken straight from The Truth About Cancer website, I ordered:

  • 1 ½ pounds cut burdock root
  • 1 pound powdered sheep sorrel
  • ¼ pound powdered slippery elm
  • ¼ pound powdered Turkish (Indian) rhubarb root (You will only need 1 oz per batch.)
  • 50 large seal-able tea bags
    Note, this makes 3 lbs of tea!

After my ingredients arrived, I mixed them into a large bowl (only using 1 oz of Turkish rhubarb root) on my porch. These fine powders create quite a dust cloud when mixing, so don’t do it in your kitchen. You may also prefer to wear a mask.

Next, I measured out 1 oz of tea into each tea bag. To seal them, I applied a hot iron for 20-30 seconds. It was a very simple process.

Finally I placed tea bags in a few gallon size zip lock bags for easy storage in my cupboard.


To make Essiac Tea, cut open 1 tea bag and pour tea into a stainless steel pot with  10 cups of water. Bring the water to a rolling boil for 15 minutes and then let steep for 8-12 hours. After steeping, pour tea into glass storage containers and place into the refrigerator. When you are ready to drink it, warm the tea or bring to a gentle boil before serving. This is a rather strong tea, and you may prefer to dilute it before warming. Take 8 oz of tea and dilute with 3 cups of water (or however you wish). Note, when serving, just serve the liquid leaving the sludge/powders behind.

The general guideline is to drink a half ounce of tea a day, working up to one ounce along with plenty of water. This guideline is based on brewing the tea bag with 4 cups of water. Caisse advised not to drink more tea and expect a better/faster result. However, in my experience, you can safely drink entire batch over the course of a week with plenty of water to generate a gentle laxative affect. If you do this, a loose stool may result throughout the week, so stay near accessible facilities.

I’ve personally found this detox tea to be a pleasant addition to my overall detox lifestyle. Though I have never used it to fight disease, I enjoy the testimonials and appreciate the potential for it to prevent disease.

In good health,


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