About Us

HomeGrown Organics – Gainesville is a division of HomeGrown Organics, a Florida based organic buying club.

Our goal is to provide you and your family with a wide variety of fresh, organic produce at a reasonable price.  In order to support our local farmers, we work hard to find local produce from area farms whenever possible.  In addition to produce, we are sometimes able to offer local farm-fresh eggs, natural and organic meats and fish, organic dairy, nuts, as well as special order items.

We are a volunteer-based buying club that buys USDA Certified Organic produce at wholesale prices, passing the savings along to you.  In the past we’ve ordered from a supplier that also services several local markets.  This year, upon numerous suggestions and requests, we’ve decided to partner with a local organic CSA, The Family Garden located in Bell, Florida just west of Gainesville.  We will order as much local, seasonal produce as possible from The Family Garden and, in an effort to keep a wide variety, we will supplement our boxes with domestic and international produce from our current supplier.

HomeGrown Organics differs from a CSA in several key ways:

  • No start-up fees or upfront costs. CSA’s generally require payment for an entire season in advance.
  • Decide week-by-week if you’d like to order.  Joining a CSA obligates you to continue throughout an entire season. With HomeGrown Organics, you may stop ordering whenever you’d like or take a break from ordering if you’ll be on vacation.
  • We consistently offer a wide variety of produce each week regardless of weather or growing conditions.  Buying a CSA share means you are limited to one farmer’s harvest.  If the harvest is affected by weather, you might not get a share for the week.  While we order as much as possible from our local CSA, we have the opportunity to offer fresh produce from our regular supplier meaning you’ll never miss a chance to get your box.
  • We operate year-round.  Some CSA’s operate seasonally (Late September through May for example).

4 responses to “About Us

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  2. How do, if you do, handle the ALL natural Goat cheese producers? I make goat cheese with only 3 ingredients: Natural Whole goats milk, apple cider vinegar, and garden veg/herbs….Please advise your policies. I use NO chemicals . My goats are tested EVERY year for CAE, T.B., and Bruciilosis. not many goat milk producers do any testing and all 3 are transmitted to humans. For 10 years we have been and always were a clean herd.

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