Order Today!

*Orders for 2018 are currently suspended.*

Joining HomeGrown Organics is easy!

Ordering is easy using one of our 2 payment options, PayPal or Check. Visit our ‘Payment‘ page for more info.

PAYPAL: Follow the link below to order produce shares.  Please note that a fee has been added to all prices to cover standard PayPal fees. Orders must be prepaid by Monday at 12 pm the week of pick-up.

Click here for our online Produce Order Form if paying via PayPal.

CHECK: If you are mailing in a check, please:
1. Put it in the mail before Friday the week before.
2. Indicate on your check which Wednesday date you would like to receive your produce, the type of order you would like (full, half, fruit, etc.), and where you would like to pick up your produce.  For example, 10/13, half share, NW OR 10/20, low glyc, SW.
You may pay for multiple weeks/orders with one check by indicating the dates you are ordering for on your check.  For example, 10/13, 10/20, half share plus fruit, NW.

If you have questions or concerns about ordering, or you are ordering for the first time by check, please email Angela.

If you’d like to follow us for a while before you order or would just like to be updated each time we post a recipe, simply subscribe to this blog.

Pictures and descriptions of previous shares are posted on our ‘What’s In a Share?’ page.


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