*All Orders for 2018 are Currently Suspended.*

All orders must be prepaid. Prepayments are due by 12p the Tuesday before Thurssday delivery.

Payments may be made using one of the 2 methods, PayPal or Check:

  1. PayPal – WE ACCEPT PAYPAL! Follow the links below to order produce shares, meats, or dairy and eggs.  Please note that a fee has been added to all prices to cover standard PayPal fees.


2. Check – If you would like to mail a check, please contact Angela to obtain the proper address. 

Please note that if you are mailing a check, it needs to be mailed before Friday. Mailing a check on Friday or Saturday will not give it enough time to reach us by Monday at 12p.

You may also drop off your next prepayment during pick up at SW Pick-Up Location: Mentone. (Note, you must give it to our volunteer.)

Please remember to:

  1. Make checks payable to: Doreen Penn
  2. Include your pick up info in the MEMO section of your check. Here are some examples:
    Full / 10-13 / SW
    Half and Fruit / 10-13 / NW
    Low Gly / 10-13 / SW
    Half / 10-13 / NW
    2 Fruit / 10-13 / SW

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